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12.01.2018 11:25  
 The education committee of central high school (CBSE) will go all out to ensure that there will be no large-scale fraud during the pre-press medical input test (AIPMT) on May 1 next year.

Human resources development department, and CBSE during the meeting, provides a foolproof plan - this will include handheld metal detectors, mobile phone shielding device and fingerprint scanners arms more than 1000 test centres around the country - in cell phone jammer diy The infamous repeat to prevent the consequences of the college entrance examination in 2015.

Metal detectors and jammers (licensed by the government) will verify the use of audiovisual equipment, and the use of fingerprint scanners will prevent the entry of fraudulent candidates from medical colleges.
This is in the center of all 1065 CBSE required to use metal and arcuate probe recovery test, even in some kind of signal interference signal, in addition to introducing a controversial dress code, banned from the headscarf to strap boots.

The exam requires 15 percent of the state's undergraduate medical and dental colleges and the rest to pass the state entrance exam. However, in andhra pradesh, trangana and jammu and Kashmir are the exceptions: they fill all the medical and dental seats with their own examinations. Forty thousand dollars from static interference sat in the test in July CBSE installed metal detectors and error detectors at all 1065 centers, except for a few checks.


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